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Windshield treatment and films offer convenience and safety. The following supply companies each offer a unique line of products.

Questions should be directed to the respective company.


Aquapel® Glass Treatment - Top of the Line

top of the line

Top Of The Line

Whether you operate a quick lube service, car wash or detailing shop, Aquapel, Glass Treatment can help you increase your average ticket and build a loyal, repeat customer base. Our Professional Package comes with a customer demo jar that is coated on 1/2 of its inside surface. It contains a grimy liquid that only sticks to the uncoated surface and instantly seals the product!

Your customers will actually experience the benefits of Aquapel long after they leave your service center. Its value is visible every time it rains. This is the only glass treatment that has a 6 month durability record.

The Aquapel "Express Detail Service" provides the following advantages:

  • Helps customers see clearly and drive safer, a benefit that appeals even to drivers who don't normally invest in their car's maintenance.
  • Builds repeat business because it must be reapplied periodically.
  • Keeps customers coming back for additional treatments, as well as other services.
  • Improves your professional image.

Kit Contains:

  • 24 Glass Treatment Applicators: one applicator treats an average windshield
  • Customer Demo Jar: coated with Aquapel.
  • 24 Consumer Sales Brochures: for waiting room, direct mailings, leave behind...
  • 24 Mirror Thank You Hangers: place for company name, phone, address
  • 24 Static Cling Stickers: maintenance reminder
  • Application Instruction: sales aid
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)