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Windshield Repair Kits, Auto Windshield Repair Business Training

  • Windshield Chip Repair
  • Repairing cracks in auto glass
  • Windshield Restoration

The following companies offer windshield repair kits that can be added to an existing detail business service menu or can be run as a stand alone business.


Top of The Line

 Top of the Line

Complete Glass Repair System

Auto Glass Repair is easy money and in demand. Glass Repair affords you the luxury of setting your own hours, and earning money instantly.

Our "System" will teach you how to do rock chip repairs and how to run a successful windshield repair business! Why not stop wasting time and start making money! Windshield chip repair is easy to learn, and takes around 10 minutes to complete.

With windshield replacement costing up to $1,000, portable, on-site repairs ($40-$50) can save car dealerships a lot of money and time. For the retail customer, it is an inexpensive method of safeguarding their chipped windshield, and for the detail shop it is an excellent source of additional income.

In many cases insurance companies pay up to $59.95 for the first chip repair - and it takes less then 10 minutes and $2 in supplies! Most glass repair technicians average between $200-$400 per day! Some glass repairs can be billed directly to the customer's insurance company (at no charge to the customer).

This kit includes everything you need to do quality glass repair. Manufactured with anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass and chemical resistant seals, the American Bridge System will perform thousands of perfect repairs for many years to come.

Higher priced kits & systems often contain duplicate parts and accessories that are simply not needed. Our system contains only what you need, plus FREE technical support!

It doesn't take an expert to start a glass repair business, and it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Repairing a windshield is as simple as injecting liquid glass resin into a damaged windshield, with the right tools and training!
Our Deluxe Glass Repair System includes both visual and hard copy training material. You'll receive a video/CD and instruction manual that will teach you in one day, how to do a repair with the American Bridge Assembly. It will also show you the secrets to running a successful glass repair business with an A-Z business manual. Our Glass Repair System is simple, complete and affordable!

For addtional information and prices, visit our website

Top of the Line

Telephone: (800) 533-5743


Applied Colors Windshield Repair System

applied colors

Applied Colors

Telephone - 877.289.7312


The RIGHT windshield repair system for car detailers . 

Want to improve per-car profit without adding expensive or complicated equipment?  The Applied Colors WC500 windshield repair system may be your best choice.  It was made for budget-conscious reconditioners looking to expand their business with a service that's in-demand (one in four cars has windshield damage) yet simple to learn.  The WC500 is a simple system to add because it doesn't repair cracks.  Cracks require special equipment and training, so refer those to the glass-only experts.   You're not turning away much business:  80% of repairs are chips or bullseyes, and the WC500 repairs them just as well as the $3000 systems!  

Just $295.  DVD Training.  Even includes pre-chipped practice glass. 

Contents include: 

  • High quality aluminum repair bridge. 

  • Enough repair resin for 80 repairs ($50/repair - $4000). 

  • UV cure lamp. 

  • Training DVD. 

  • User manual with marketing and sales information. 

  • Sample windshield glass with 6 chips and starbursts. 

  • Compact plastic toolbox. 

  • And more. 

These are pro-grade glass repairs you can warranty.  Learning is easy:  read the manual. watch the DVD, and practice on the included sample're ready to offer glass repair @ $50 a repair.  Most jobs take 15 minutes and use less than $1 in materials. 

 Video:  the WC500 at work. 

Learn more and watch an actual repair on our website.  Take your business to the next level with our WC500 glass repair system.