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Smart Detailing University - Sep Master Class -Sold Out (Next Oct 22)

Smart Detailing University - September 24 Master Class (SOLD OUT)

Next available Master Auto Detailing class is on October 22, 2012

We wanted to share this great e-mail we received this morning from Orkun in Istanbul who just attended Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us your feedback, and more importantly thank you...
for your friendship!

Dear Friends at Chemical Guys and Smart Detailing University,

There are no words to express my appreciation after i took the masters class at SDU. I want to thank every one of you guys, for being so kind and tolerant to us. Marketing and Business classes by Paul are very fun and educational and with Greg we got the best hands on training available in the market today.
But to me, the most important thing is the enthusiasm and passion of you people. Everybody at SDU family loves what they do, and therefore everybody smiles :) From the first day to the last, you guys eagerly answered our endless questions ,every time with the same excitement and passion, i think this is what differs you from the rest of world. I'm very happy for being a member of our worldwide growing family, and thank you guys for this wonderful and incredible week.

See you soon Guys,
You know, you're always welcome to your new home in Istanbul :) Orkun


Smart Detailing University - May 2012 Master Auto Detailing Class

This morning the SmartDetailing University Masters Class started a complete detail on a SL500 Mercedes.... These student are going to become some amazing detailers.


Auto Detailing Training - May 21-25 Los Angeles



Auto Detailing Training- MAY 21, 2012

Whether you're just getting started or if you've been in this business for a while, we at Smart Detailing University provide all the needed solutions, created especially for you to get started on the path to making some serious money.

Receiving proper training and getting the right auto detailing supplies and auto detailing equipment are vital to your overall success. Since we feel this business opportunity should not cost an arm and a leg to get started, we will do everything we can to work within your budget for the best ROI, (return on your investment).

There are many types of training programs and services you may be considering such as: auto detailing, windshield repair, paint touch-up, wheel repair, headlight restoration, high speed buffing and polishing, proper use of auto detailing chemicals, sales and marketing techniques, and much, much more.


Smart Detailing University-Get Trained to Succeed

"Education is primary in developing and growing any successful business.

The Smart Detailing University training program is developed to prepare an

individual both mentally and emotionally."

CALL (800)295-8070 -  (310)674-8135



Car Detailing Training - May 23-27 Los Angeles

Can an education prepare you to start your own business capable of generating a 6 figure income in your first year of business? We can!

At Smart Detailing University our 46,000 sqft state-of-the-art training facility is completely designed around the success of the students.  Our system based educational programs combined with our unmatched faculty team of world-wide professional detailers and educators are here to provide you with the industry’s most exciting, innovative, comprehensive, hands-on and smart training program for professional auto detailing.


Get certified as a AUTO RECONDITIONG SPECIALIST and receive full certification in Windshield Repair, Headlight Restoration, Paint Correction and Polymer Sealant Technology...

Call today and save up to $500   310-674-8135





Get Trained Now @ Smart Detailing University


Auto Detailing and Reconditioning
is one of the most exciting and fastest growing businesses. Smart Detailing University is the industries first Auto Detailing University. Our custom built 46,000 SQFT facility is designed around the success of our students.  Our faculty is comprised of business professionals, detailing experts, and business owners with proven success record... Smart Detailing University is committed to helping you with every aspect of your decision making process and we're the only auto detailing training facility that allows you to go through the entire program absolutely RISK FREE... for more information go to

For our week long Master Auto Detailer Program space is limited to only 6 students, April 25th class is sold out but you can still sign up for our May 23rd 2011 Class in Los Angeles...

For more information, catalog or to sign up go to TODAY!





Auto Detailing Training - April 25 Class

Happy Friday from Smart Detailing University - we're geting ready for another Master Auto Detailing Training Class that starts on April 25th, there is one spot available if anybody is interested to attend and take advantage of our April Special - you can save up to $1000, if you can't make it in for this one - our next class May 23, 2011

Happy Friday and have a great weekend - from all of us at Smart Detailing University




Car Detailing Training - Smart Detailing University March 2011 Class

This is the 4th day of our Smart Detailing University Master Training program. And it's going fantastic... in  the words of one of our students " Wow what an amazing training facility and faculty you guys have here at SDU, this training has already completely changed the way I view detailing and I can't wait to get back home and implement the new system"  yes we're breaking the mold of traditional thinking in auto detailing business... Join the movement and get professionally trained!


March 2011 Master Detailing Program @ our state of the art auto detailing training center in Los Angeles, California 



Auto Detailing Class this Saturday!

Do It Yourself Program at Smart Detailing University is an awesome way to get your vehicle looking its best and keep it looking great for years to come. We'll teach you about chemicals and tools, answer any questions you have, and help you with any specific concerns you have for your car.

At Smart Detailing University, we feature the SmartWax & Chemical Guys line of products and when you set up your spot, all of our tools and equipment will be available for you to use! Just bring your car and a list of your challenging questions, and we'll be happy to answer them for you!

The DIY Auto Detailing class includes:

Use of only the best products & equipment

AProfessional instruction in all areas of auto detailing

One on one instruction from SDU instructors

Ongoing 800 number technical support

Use of all the University's equipment


The cost for Saturday's DIY Auto Detailing class is on special for just 49.95! 


Sign up online at


The Detailing Pros latest radio show: all about Customer Service!


Check out our latest radio show, all about Customer Service in the auto detailing business:




News and Specials from The Detailing Pros!


News and Specials from The Detailing Pros!


Auto Detail Training

Check out our photos here of January 2011 Master Detailer's Training Program at Smart Detailing University!


Auto Detailing Business News

Check out our latest radio show with Mel Craig and Chris Jankowski!

Radioshow #14: Interview with Chris Jankowski


Success or failure in the auto detailing business

Los Angeles, CA  (September 3, 2010)  - Smart Detailing University, led by the Director of Training Mel Craig, is changing the way people look at and perform in the auto detailing and reconditioning business.

When it comes to running a professional auto detailing company, many traditional detailers from around the world are turning to Mel Craig for advice, leadership and direction. Craig has become an icon in an industry once thought of as a kids’ business: a business that would generate a couple of bucks on the side until something better came along, a business that no one would ever take as a serious business venture.

Yes, Craig has perfected the ability to perform in the auto detailing business as a professional, while bringing back the prestige and professionalism that the industry used to offer. “Back in the 1980s, detailing was considered an art! Being a professional detailer back then meant something and you were considered to be an expert and a pro in the field of auto reconditioning!” Craig smiles proudly.

Craig has expended over 36 years of time, boundless energy, and lots of money into his own detailing endeavors and his high-end professional training program, which he saw as a necessity to the detailing industry. The results speak for themselves with literally thousands of students from all over the world traveling to attend one or more of Craig’s professional training programs.

Craig’s research and development was a labor of love for an industry he has thrived in for over 36 years. He found a niche and a demand in an untapped market. He was able to fill that niche and that demand with his experiences as a professional detailing expert, motivational speaker and professional business coach by opening up his highly acclaimed training programs.

Now, after all these years, Craig is one of the most sought after auto detailing training professionals in the world today. In 2010, he has traveled to several countries throughout the world bringing his professional level of training, motivation and inspiration to an industry he calls, the “hidden secret” for those who want to learn it right. In 2011, he will be embarking on yet another worldwide training tour, speaking, training and motivating people from different cultures and all walks of life. “It’s no longer hard to believe that this industry is finally coming back in big and powerful way,” states Craig.

What makes Craig’s training programs so successful is his ability to enlighten people on the profitability of this business. Not only does he teach how to generate a very lucrative revenue stream, but he also teaches a way of running a business with an unheard level of balance not usually associated with high income producing businesses. “It’s not necessary to be hung, trapped or governed by the business you own!” Craig states with conviction.

“My way of teaching is one of tough love and passion. Anyone who has attended any one of my training programs, seminars or lectures usually walks out the door understanding they have a hold of something more than just a job, a career or just another small business. I like to consider myself an expert in ‘business coaching’ in an industry that has never before been looked at as a profession worthy of a professional title. We are most definitely seeing a huge paradigm shift in the way we conduct our business in this industry,” informs Craig.

“Most people fail in business for only a few reasons and two of the biggest reasons are fear and lack of knowledge,” Craig says. Craig’s most effective way of teaching is through motivating and inspiring people to start believing that they can succeed. Two of his most notable quotes are: “If business was easy, everyone would do it,” and, “Your financial future has never looked better!”

Mel’s partner and side kick, Paul Weidler, says he has never met a more passionate person when it comes to the success or failure of anyone that has the desire to become a professional detailer and becoming involved in one of Mel’s training programs. “His life is dedicated to this industry in a big way, always looking to find a better way of doing business, cutting costs and designing systems and procedures that work! The guy lives for this business and his students. He never sleeps when he gets on a roll… I’ve watched him change lives just like an Anthony Robbins or a Martin Luther King!” says Mr. Weidler with a grin. “He is one very powerful and passionate speaker when it comes to this business, his training and his coaching techniques! I mean, who else do you know that can stand in front of a large crowd and speak about how to be a success while wearing a pair of red skate shoes,” laughs Mr. Weidler.

Yes, people are coming in from all over the world to listen to what Mel Craig has to say, to learn just what this business has to offer, how they can benefit from it and capitalize on it now. 

Craig challenges anyone questioning this business opportunity to take the risk, step out on the edge and investigate this industry and all it has to offer. Get online, listen to the Detailing Pros Radio Show, browse the Smart Detailing Website and take the first step to your future by calling or sending Mel Craig an e-mail asking for his advice. You may be pleasantly surprised; he does take a lot of his own calls!


Smart Detailing University

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