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Questions about starting a windshield repair business

Auto Glass Repair FAQ

By Top of The Line

Why Become a Windshield Repair Technician?

There are literally hundreds of windshields that need rock chip repairs in your immediate area. By becoming part of the growing billion dollar windshield repair industry you can earn unlimited income, at little or no cost to your customer! Insurance companies are pushing for repair over replacement, to save money and time.

The face of the auto glass industry is changing, and windshield repair is becoming bigger than ever. As customers are educated on the benefits of repairing vs replacement, the potential customer base continues to grow and business opportunities continue to rise!

What Makes your System Different from Others?

Simplicity! American Windshield Repair Systems contain just what you need for superior windshield repairs. Our high quality repair system is affordable, easy to use, and designed to perform perfect repairs every time. We also offer a 30-day, money back guarantee!

What is the "Key" to a Quality Repair?

The bridge assembly is the most important part of your repair system. The American Bridge System design is easy to use, compact and very effective on all types of chip repairs. This special design provides the perfect amount of vacuum during the repair process, which eliminates the need for pumps and hoses. Constructed of stainless steel, brass and aluminum parts, the American Bridge System will last lifetime!

How Much do I have to Invest?

A great aspect of the auto glass repair industry is low overhead! You don't need a store front, and you don't need a lot of equipment. Mobile glass repair service is extremely popular, and gives you access to a vast customer base. This type of mobility is no more expensive than a tank of gas, and provides an invaluable service for your customers.

How Do I Obtain a Business License?

Most people don't realize how inexpensive and easy it is to get a business license. In many states you can obtain a license online, or simply contact your local chamber of commerce.

Does Windshield Repair Require Expensive, or Lengthy Training?

There are many repair supply companies that offer expensive training programs. We've tried to keep it simple. Your American Deluxe Repair System contains a comprehensive video and technical manual which explain in detail, the entire repair process. They also include a business guide explaining proper invoicing, bookkeeping, billing of insurance companies, etc.

Is Insurance Billing Complicated?

It's actually quite simple. Our comprehensive business guide walks you, step-by-step, through the collection process.

Do Insurance Claims Raise My Customer's Rates?

In most states, insurance companies encourage glass "repair" over costly windshield replacement. Auto glass damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of auto insurance, and most insurance companies will pay for repairs, even if your customer has a $500 deductible! If you have concerns about coverage for a customer, contact the policyholder's insurance agent to verify coverage and to guarantee payment.

Is the Damage Still Visible After a Repair? 

A rock chip, ding or small crack repair will never be cosmetically "perfect," but if performed properly, it's virtually invisible from the outside. Damaged areas can often be seen from the inside of the vehicle to varying degrees. Customers should be informed if the damaged area is in the line of vision. It's also important to explain that the true purpose of windshield repair is to restore glass integrity and prevent further cracking.