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Mobile Detailing Trailers - Pressure Washer Equipment

A Mobile Detailing Business offers an alternative to expensive building leases, equipment, utilities and other expenses. Selecting the proper Detailing System is essential to a successful mobile detailing or car wash business. There are several options to select from including: Trailers (open or enclosed)  truck mounted and detailing vans. Other considerations are on board water heating system, water containment mats or other water containment solutions and also don't overlook the importance of proper detail training before you start your business. 

Our Mobile Detailing and Mobile Car Wash Equipment directory offers Mobile Detailing Systems various manufacturers.

Questions should be directed the the respective company.


Mobile Detailing Trailers by Detail King

Detail King Has Several Auto Detailing Trailers & Mobile Wash Systems To Meet Everyones Needs & Budget


Detail King features a large selection of mobile auto detailing equipment offerings including; mobile wash systems, new enclosed auto detailing trailers, power washers, pressure washers, and car wash trailers and mobile detail trailers. We get calls every day from someone who purchases a pressure washer from one of the local hardware store outlets, brings it home and connects it to a mobile detailing water tank and asks us why the pressure washer does not work? Well the answer is that the pressure washer they purchased from the local hardware store was not designed to draw water from a "static source." The static source is the auto detailing water tank.

Our pressure washers are designed to be able to draw water from a standing tank. It does not matter if the pressure washer is a 2000, 2500 or 3500 psi tank it is how the valves were designed in the pump. Check out our line-up of pressure washers. Most are equipped with soap injectors and are very easily mounted to floors of vans, pick-up truck beds, and trailers. We also offer auto detail trailers, water tanks and pressure washer systems with generators.

We also feature new low pressure washer systems for areas of the country where water conservation and water run-off are important concerns. States like Georgia, Florida, California, and Texas should consider low pressure washer systems and be EPA Compliant.

To learn more please visit our website or contact us at 1888-314-0847


Mobile Detailing Trailers by Rightlook

Rightwash Detailing Trailers


The detail trailers are some of the most advanced detailing rigs in the industry. These trailers are built and equipped with the finest materials and equipment available on the market today. detailing trailers are designed to not only look great, but also to be the most effective and efficient detailing trailers available. The detailing professionals at know that for a mobile detailer, time is money. The design of the detailing trailer will allow you to operate more efficiently, saving you valuable time so you can make more money. detailing trailers are built by a team of experts and are available in several different configurations to fit your business needs and your budget.

Visit our website for specs and additional information.


Mobile Detailing Trailers by Attention to Details

Attention to Details Mobile Detailing Systems

We Can Build Your Dream Mobile Auto Detailing System
Save Thousands and build Your Own!

Are you building your own Mobile Auto detailing service vehicle or do you desire to purchase a ready made detailing trailer or detail van? Attention To Details can's how! I have built some of the leading Mobile Detailing Units to ever hit the roads and now I am sharing with you my personal Blue Prints to my systems!

Here are some of the items you can learn from this E-book!

  • What will Make Your System Cutting Edge With Killer Looks
  • The Accessories of A Mobile System
  • A Complete Shopping List of The Best Items To Include Within Your Mobile System!
  • A Full Set of Drawings Covering How To Build Your System!
  • Proper Placement of The "Heavy Items"
  • How To Make Your System Safe!
  • Going Eco In Mobile Detailing
  • Van Vs. Trailer Vs. Eco Systems...What's best for you!
  • An OSHA Plan Example For Your Mobile Detailing Business! 
  • An Eco Impact Form Example To Keep You Out of Trouble!

Buy It Now...View It Now...Print It Now At This Link!


Detrailers Mobile Detailing Systems


Telephone (877) 777-0077


Detrailers - Established in 1986 and still going strong. A lot has changed in the past 25 years but one thing remains true, if you want to start your own mobile carwash/detail and/or pressure washing business we are your best bet.

We offer top notch systems and equipment using state of the art components, yet are more affordable that competitors substandard systems. We also offer customer training programs to help you maximize your investment and see returns ASAP!

Our 6th generation website will debut in Arpil 2012, which will include an online store with 1000s of items, plus our next generation of legendary mobile carwash systems and trailers.