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About Mel Craig, Founder and President

Mel Craig, founder and president of The Total Pros Training Center, is a Southern California native. At the young age of 19 he launched his first successful business endeavor based on principles he had been developing since childhood. Mel’s passion, commitment, and work ethic, along with his successful business track record, have earned him a solid reputation as a highly-acclaimed motivational speaker, entrepreneur, businessman, and industry leader.

Throughout his twenty-eight years as an entrepreneur, Mel has owned and operated numerous types of auto detailing businesses—both shop and mobile. He started each of his businesses on a shoe string budget and built them to million-dollar levels. His charisma and ability to attract clients and demonstrate his services has earned him a reputation as one of Southern California’s premier auto detailers. This outstanding reputation allowed him to create an income that set precedence for detailers nationwide.

Mel started training and speaking in the auto reconditioning business back in 1998, fulfilling a demand in a very hungry industry. “This is an un-regulated business with no training whatsoever, and I felt this industry needed structure, support, and some sort of a company or training institute that people could turn to for further education,” says Mel. “This business has so much to offer both from a financial and business standpoint. There are not many things you can do today to create this type of an income, especially with a small investment and no college education. Most professionally trained detailing and reconditioning professionals can earn a six-figure income their very first year.”

Mel served as the Director of New Business Development for a leading company in the auto reconditioning industry. In addition to developing new business, he also created top-tier training programs aimed at instructing entrepreneurs interested in the auto reconditioning business. Mel hosted and broadcasted a successful global podcast, which provided detailed discussions of the auto reconditioning business for hundreds of thousands of people interested in learning more about the industry.

Today he is following his dream and continues to assist people worldwide to develop their own businesses. Continually endorsing the auto reconditioning industry, he travels the country as a professional speaker and training professional and hosts one of the most successful detailing seminars available today. He and his staff provide training in multiple areas of detailing and reconditioning, including customized business programs, informative presentations, private consultations, and energetic coaching techniques.

Always willing to share his business savvy and enthusiastic personality, Mel continues to attract people worldwide who wish to improve their strategic business plans and build successful auto detailing and reconditioning companies.

Comments or Questions regarding these articles should be directed to Mel Craig.

Mel can be reached at The Total Pros website or at (800)903-1578


Low Pressure Washer Detailing System Creates Controversy Across the Country

OCEANSIDE, CA (February 18, 2009) - The Total Pros, spear-headed by inventor Mel Craig, has successfully launched its new low pressure washing technique program designed specifically to save time and conserve water resources. And the controversy begins.

Professional auto detailers from all over the country are very excited about Mel Craig’s release of his all new eco-friendly low water pressure washing system, making it possible to wash a small to large vehicle with less than a pint of water! However, many traditional detailers find this claim not only hard to believe, but an unnecessary change to the more traditional details currently being served up. Not so says Craig, a well-respected professional in the detailing field for over 30 years.

Yes, Craig has perfected the ability to perform a complete detail in record time not seen before in the auto detailing industry! Detailers normally taking from two to four hours are now able to complete details in less than half the amount of time. You may want to see it for yourself before lashing out with a negative comment toward Craig and his new auto detailing and washing techniques.

“The one most time-consuming endeavor is the prep wash. Taking time to set up the prep wash, fill buckets of water, rinse the vehicle with the pressure washer, and wash the vehicle with a wash mitt is a painstaking, time-consuming task that is now being out-performed in many areas of the detail with the new low pressure washing system,” claims Craig. “Even taking that extra step in claying the vehicle is easier with my revolutionary new low pressure washing technique. Claying and decontaminating the painted surface on a vehicle has never been so easy!”

Always on the cutting edge, Craig authorized private investor funds to expand his theory, investing in beta testing his revolutionary low pressure washing system as far back as 2005. He expended four years of time, boundless energy, and lots of money into an endeavor he saw as necessary to the detailing industry even before the economic downturns of 2008. The results couldn’t be timelier with the economic crunch of 2009 in full swing.

With all of his research and development came many proto type models. Craig studied each prototype, worked and detailed with it, and sent it back to his labs for more testing and development. Craig’s research and study was a labor of love for an industry he has thrived in for over 30 years. He had a premonition years earlier that the auto detailing industry was on the winds of change. After countless hours and months of effort, he perfected the complete low pressure auto detailing system with more success than he ever dreamed possible.

With a patent pending, Craig’s hot and trendy new company, The Total Pros, is the lucky company that will continue to promote his savvy new business idea internationally. The controversy over the introduction of this sensible new money-saving and water-conserving idea has just begun. Critics and pundits alike have had a field day discussing this new idea, but those who have taken the time to see and use it are really believing in it!

The revolutionary new low pressure system works and saves any professional auto detailer the challenge of finding the right spot to perform a quick and easy service. “There has really never been any major profit margin doing a plain car wash service until now. Not only are we able to cut our time in half in all areas of prep washing, car washing and completed detailing, we have discovered some great added benefits,” quips Craig proudly. “Because of the use of so little water we have found that we are able to completely wash, clay and detail our clients’ vehicles right in their garages! We never have to worry about finding a spot on the driveway or parking lot to get the car completed. In fact, if you are into car washing maintenance or working in a variety of parking lot situations within office complex environments, we’ve discovered that you don’t even have to move the vehicle out of the parking spot because you won’t get other vehicles surrounding the car wet with water!” shares Craig. What a space and time saving idea!

“My new eco-friendly auto detailing system is so compact we have professional detailers working out of the back of small SUV’s, mini vans and compact mini trucks. We’ve been able to eliminate numerous larger system components using new technology and more compact equipment. Being compact saves space, time, gas and the cost of getting started,” smiles Craig.

The system perfected by Craig and his company, The Total Pros, allows a detailer to knock out a complete wash, exterior dress and clean glass in less than 10 minutes!!! With no mess, no excess water and no worry about space. Detailing and cleaning wheels, tires, and wheel wells has never been easier or faster! Engine detailing is simple and literally effortless with almost no water at all.

“Customers are extremely excited to get their vehicles back more quickly, with even better results. Contrary to what some detailers may think, customers are also very happy to participate in the green efforts the low pressure washing system allows our environment.

“Detailers are raving about The Total Pros new system and the training program for the low pressure education has been booked solid for the past several months, “ informs Craig. “People are coming in from all over the US and many other countries to learn just how the new process works and how they can benefit from and capitalize on it now.”

Craig challenges anyone questioning this new concept to take a ride over to The Total Pros, Oceanside, or one of its other mobile locations to check it out.

You may have to get in line. But at least you won’t get wet!