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Kleen Car introduces an all New Vapor Chief commercial steam cleaner

Introducing…..The NEW Vapor Chief Commercial steam cleaner 110 PSI
If you thought the previous Vapor Chief was a great commercial steam cleaner – we would like to introduce the NEW one. The amazing new features are...

·        Almost 40% LESS expensive!

  • more compact for easy maneuverability
  • lighter weight to take anywhere
  • just as powerful, produces as much heat
  • makes steam up in half the time
  • Continuous fill to keep you working. No down time
  • better warranty than ever before
  • fully adjustable steam pressure from zero to full
  • economizer mode in case too much electric is being used elsewhere
  • maintenance feature to keep it clean
  • vertically mounted boiler and heater so no less calcium build up
  • Encased heater. The heating coils do not come in contact with water.
  • All Italian made
  • fantastic reliability and customer service

Here are the specifications of the NEW Vapor Chief

  1. Continuous fill- a huge plus which means no down time.
  2.  heavy duty body galvanized powder coated body
  3. Stainless steel AISI 304 boiler which meets ASME standard
  4. Lifetime boiler warranty
  5. 3 year warranty on heating element
  6. 1750 watts of power to get to pressure quickly!
  7. 1 year warranty on other internal parts
  8. Vertically mounted heater and boiler to greatly reduce calcium build up
  9. Fast heating 2.0 liter boiler in about 8 minutes
  10. Excellent recovery time (it’s all in the engineering of the boiler and heater)
  11. 2.5 liter water tank (non pressurized)
  12. Infinite steam volume control from zero to max pressure
  13. 100 PSI AT THE TIP!
  14. 110 PSI IN THE BOILER!
  15. 330 degree boiler steam temperature in the boiler
  16. 295 degrees at the tip
  17. 13 foot hose- we found this hose length to be the perfect size
  18. Brush attachments for car detail use. Nylon in 2 sizes, horse hair in 2 sizes, triangle for carpets, and micro fiber bonnets for all brushes
  19. Extremely lightweight even with the powder coated galvanized body
  20. Calcium build up detector which shuts the machine down when too much calcium is detected. It allows you to clean the machine before it breaks
  21. Electric economy function. You can turn down the wattage if other appliances are being used on the same circuit
  22. Engineered specifically for USA use

Finance this machine for as low as $55 per month. Click here

Vapor Chief steam cleaners advertise their specifications a little differently than most other steamer companies.  Most steam cleaners will give you the specs based on the BOILER temperature and pressure. While this is good for comparison, it’s not what the TRUE steam temperature and pressure really are. We give you BOTH. If you are impressed with other companies specs based on their boilers readings only, we have MORE temperature, HOTTER steam, and MORE "working" pressure than almost any other steam cleaner in their respective category.

Our pressure gauges are calibrated to give you "working" pressure. What you see on the gauge of our machines is what you are "working" with at the tip of the wand

The Vapor Chief name has been synonymous with quality over the years. Not any steam cleaner earns the name of Vapor Chief. It has to be a heavy duty commercial steamer that can stand up to every day and all day use. And of course it needs to be powerful.

If you have always wanted a Vapor Chief, the time is now. The quality has never been better and the price has never been lower.

The Kleen Steam Vapor Chief challenge

We are so confident that you will see that the Vapor Chief is the best bang for the buck out there, we offer this challenge.

Do your research. Speak to other steamer companies. We are sure many will sound like used car salesmen. They will tell you whatever you want to hear about any of their steam cleaners. They will tell you that theirs is the best (for no apparent reason). They will give you the specs (and many times they are not true and the sales person does not even know how they are calculated).

Now compare apples to apples. If you can find another commercial steam cleaner with these kind of specifications and innovative features… the kind of price we are offering on this steam cleaner……..we will match the competitors price of their machine. We must admit this isn’t much of a challenge. We set it up so we will win….EVERY TIME! We will say it again. The bang for the buck on this machine is incredible. If you need a heavy duty commercial steam cleaner (not a pretend commercial steam cleaner), this is the one