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Kleen Car has zero percent financing! Finance a steam cleaner ay 0%

Kleen Pay" ZERO % financing

How would you like a 0%, (YES we said ZERO percent) financing option to purchase all of your equipment NOW and take up to 15 months to pay with NO interest? And even after that, if you have not paid in full, you may continue to pay at a manageable interest rate.

Kleen Pay-How it works.

We designed this program to help people out who may not have all the money right now to spend on equipment. The biggest hurdle in either starting a business or running a business in tough times is cash flow. We know to lay out a lot of money for quality equipment is difficult. So either you wait until you have it all upfront, or you have to “settle for less”. We don’t want you to settle for less or wait. We want your business and we will help you purchase your equipment now.

Purchase anything you wish and finance it all. NOBODY else has a plan like this. Free up your cash!  Finance your equipment purchase TODAY at ZERO %. What is even better….if you have a bad month and are short on cash, don’t pay as much as you normally would. Make it up when business gets a little better. How much easier and better can it get? It does get better… on

Why not finance at ZERO % and pay over 15 months? It’s hopefully a NO-Brainer when you think about it

Even if you are just starting out, you can be approved. Even if you are just purchasing our great equipment for your personal use, you can be approved and financed.  Even if you have marginal credit, you can be financed. You DO NOT have to lay out all the cash now. Just apply TODAY, get your approval, and we ship right away!

Traditional lease finance programs 

We also have traditional lease to OWN programs. We set up your lease, or finance agreement at a reasonable term with comfortable payments. If you want to pay if off early, no problem! There is NO pre-payment penalty. And don’t forget, you OWN the equipment at the end.

We make it easy to apply. The process is quick and easy and your answer is only???? hours away. To apply NOW click here