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Detailing Forum Updates

Auto Detailing Network Forums New Features and Updates!
We are excited to announce the following forum enhancements:

new Topic Rating System: Rate forum topics from 1-5 stars. Ratings populate and are displayed within each respective forum.

new  Detailing Photo Galleries: Start your own thread to post photos of your best detailing work!

new  Chat Room: Chat live with other members. You can even create your own private chat room with only members you invite.

new  Social Media Integration:

 facebook twitter

Easily share forum topics with your facebook and twitter friends.

new Category Forums: We have created several new forums for specific detailing topics making it easier for members to post directly to the proper forum.

New forums include: 

Additional features include:

  • Subscribe to topics and receive email notification of new posts
  • Profile Signatures: Display your business name and website address at the bottom of each of your posts.
  • Private Messaging and Storage

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