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Car Headlight Repair

Kits for cleaning cloudy, yellowing car headlights. Many detailers are adding headlight restoration to their menu of services while others are offering headlight restoration services exclusively.

Our Headlight Restoration directory offers headlight restoration products, kits and supplies from various headlight repair companies.


Attention to Details Headlight Restoration Kit

Auto Headlight Repair Before and After Photo

Headlight Repair Kit

Attention To Details

When we find a product or system that is effective, we promote it and this system is simply the best we have found for restoring cloudy and yellowed headlights! After a few months of using this system on aircraft windscreens and windows, we started to experiment with auto headlights and convertible top windows and WOW, we were shocked at the results and the ease of use! This system is great for:

  • Headlights, taillights and blinker covers.
  • Convertible top windows.
  • Auto instrument covers that become scratched.
  • Aircraft Windscreens and windows.
  • Boat windows.
  • Brings optical clarity to acrylics and polycarbonates

Not only is this an effective and easy to learn system, it's affordable! Within our shops we charge as much as $80.00 to restore headlights and as much as $125.00 to recondition all the headlights and lenses on a mid-sized automobile and one kit can service 10-20 vehicles or more, depending on the condition and how quickly you learn to properly use this system. On plastic convertible top windows we charge as much as $150.00 to restore the clarity and the average completion time is less than two hours. In most cases we have less than an hour into a headlight restoration and under $5.00 in materials, which is a great return on both your product investment and hourly profits.

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Detail King Headlight Restoration Kit

Detail King

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Headlight restoration is a very popular and profitable add-on to auto detailing. Most vehicle headlights are covered with a protective, transparent, plastic lens. These headlight lenses protect expensive automotive lamps from flying stones and road debris but they discolor over time. Becoming opaque and cloudy, this can severely restrict the amount of light reaching the road. This clouding is caused by accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light. If you live in a southern state, or Hawaii, this discoloration can become noticeable in as little as 2 years.

Our Plastic & Headlight Resurfacing/Protector Kit contains everything you need for restoring cloudy headlights allowing you to restore optical clarity to dull, cloudy headlight lens covers in 3 easy steps. This headlight cleaning kit also contains an additional chemical that will enable you to clean plastic surfaces like convertible roof windows and more. We have three kits including a Commercial Series Kit that will restore 60-75 sets of headlights, a Professional Series Kit that will restore 30-40 sets, and a basic kit that will restore 3-5 sets. The going rate for headlight restoration is about $75 for wholesale work and $100-$150 for retail work for one pair of headlights. Your costs for materials (excluding labor) are between $3.00 and $4.00 for each set of headlights, depending on which kit you buy. You can stay busy and make a lot of money if you are able to obtain work from just a few good car dealerships and of course your regular retail customers.


Detail Plus Headlight Restoration System

DETAIL PLUS Introduces Professional Headlight Restoration System for all Polycarbonate Headlights


DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems has added a new extra service system to their line of cosmetic car care products. The Professional Headlight Restoration System that will restore all polycarbonate and plastic headlights to a like new condition in less than an hour.

The system features a mini-buffing tool onto which you attach the sanding disks and polishing pads, reducing time to restore to a few minutes as opposed to hand sanding.

Also included, are the necessary series of sanding disks in various grits, foam polishing pads, and special polishing compounds/polishes to restore the lens to a like-new finish.

Headlight restoration has become one of the hottest services in the detail industry and is in-demand by both auto dealers and consumers, commanding as much as $75 to $100 for the service.

The entire DETAIL PLUS Headlight Restoration System is priced at $284.95 complete.


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