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Hi Def Detail Showcase – 2007 Dodge Magnum

When a new client calls or visits the Hi Def Detail Center we always ask a few questions about their car’s appearance goals, daily driving style and regular maintenance routines.  These questions help us to determine the personalized detailing recommendations based on that owners driving situation. While we do offer several value-propositioned detail packages, we particularly specialize in creating custom solutions for owners and their cars.

That brings us to today’s Hi Def Detail Showcase – 2007 Dodge Magnum SRT-8.

The owner first contacted us with interest in one of our Detail Package Specials.   While that package is an awesome deal for most drivers, his car’s appearance needs required some additional consideration.  The owner said he drives on dirt roads every day his car is exposed to a lot of dust and debris.  He washes the car at home regularly but had not clay barred the paint in 4 years.  Additionally the car is exposed to the rural system’s  hard water and he is inconsistent with a regular waxing/paint protection routine.

 Here’s what the car looked like BEFORE we started the detail process:

As you can see the car is covered in gravel dust.  After rinsing the car off we could see all the hard water stains on the glass and panels, swirl marks from improper washing techniques, light stratches and tons of brake dust.

At this point we knew this black beast needed something a little more the “special” so we developed a customized detail solution that would accomplish the following goals:

- Remove noticable paint defects (swirls, scratches, hard water marks)

- Protect the car’s exterior paint, glass, trim from the harsh environmental elements (dust, bird poop and hard water)

- Make it easier and faster for the owner to clean the car

- Save the client  money on future detail product purchases

Here’s our process:

Paint Prep

- High Pressure Rinse

- Exterior prep wash with Hi Def Super Polymer

- Clay Bar Detox Treatment (Hi Def Super Polymer used as clay lube)

- Cleaned wheels with Hi Def Total Clean (APC)

- Dress tires with Hi Def Whip Juice

Paint Correction & Protection

- Swirl and Scratch Removal: Hi Def Medium Cut Polish (Product is still in testing and yet to be released) applied via Cyclo w/Orange Cutting Pads

- Gloss Enhancement & Protection:  Hi Def Detail Extended Life Paint  Sealant (Product is still in testing and yet to be released) applied via Cyclo w/Gray Finishing Pads

- Wheel Protection: Hi Def Detail Extended Life Paint Sealant

 Here are pictures of the final results:

The pictures of the final product show that we achieved our goal restoring the clarity and gloss to the black finish.  Most noticeable paint defects were removed and protected from further damage.  Our premium paint sealant will protect the car’s exterior surfaces from the numerous contaminats that it will encounter.  Additionalaly the car will be easier to clean and maintain as the surfaces will repel and resist dirt, dust and grime.

Hi-def is an exclusive distributor of Freedom Waterless Car Wash in Dallas. If you are local, contact them at or (214) 265-7135 to schedule a customized appearance plan for your car!

Drive In Hi Definition.

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