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Waterless Car Wash Products

The following companies offer waterless or "eco-friendly" detailing and car wash products.

Questions should by directed to the respective company.


Optimum No Rinse Carwash

Optimum No Rinse Eco Friendly Detail Products

Kleen Car Is Going Green


At Kleen Car we have been "going green" now for a couple of years and we haven't even realized it! We have always been a huge proponent for steam machine use to clean interiors. It's more effective, safe, and efficient than any other kind of conventional cleaning methods. Now that we have introduced our Therma Kleen steam machine, the response has been tremendous. This machine is so powerful it can also get the outside of a vehicle clean, with zero water runoff!

However, there is much more to green cleaning than just a steamer. We have been developing products with Optimum Polymer Technologies for a few years now. David Ghodoussi at Optimum has had the vision and foresight to develop ALL of the Optimum products to be not only the most effective and easy to use products available, but they are environmentally safe as well. For instance, we have changed all the solvents in our buffing products long before any mandate was made to get below a certain VOC level. Ours are safe, and one of the best lines of buffing products you can possibly purchase. All of our buffing products are body shop safe, paintable, and contain no harsh solvents to harm you, the vehicle, or the environment.

Our No Rinse product has been out for years with tens of thousands of cars washed in the "new school" manner with fantastic results. As you will see from our "going green" article, this new "designer polymer" technology was ahead of its time, and is now being accepted as the preferred way and eco friendly way to wash a car. We also have other polymer and eco friendly wash products about to be launched. These are not just products that need to be used for a mobile detailer, or in a drought area. We know we have that area covered if you are in that situation, but these products represent the "new school" way of doing things, and Optimum and Kleen Car have been working on this for a while.

We hope you realize that this way of doing things will become a necessity at some point in the not so distant future. While some other companies will struggle to change and drastically need to reformulate their products and bring in new equipment, we want you to know that we have everything available right now! What better way to gain new customers than by advertising that you are detailing in an eco friendly manner. Consumers are actively researching environmentally friendly businesses and their eco friendly practices. However, this is not just a gimmick! These products work! And we have made them eco friendly a long time ago. We have them all right now

Washing a car is not about the volume of water any more and for good reason. For years we have been using garden hoses to wash cars. We then graduated to pressure washers which use far less water but still way too much in most situations, and they operate on cold water anyway. Then there was the heated pressure washers which do an even better job, but still use a large volume of water and need to be vented, and are impossible to use on a mobile basis. There needed to be a better way and we have found it. It's all about the heat and just a little bit of water with higher pressure! Combine that with the new polymer technology wash products and you not only have an effective system, but an eco friendly way of doing it!

As we mentioned, we have the Therma Kleen Steam machine that is an absolute monster of a steamer. It's the absolute best one out there. At 100PSI it's the most powerful steam machine ever made. It also has the highest temperature at 340 degrees. However, if you need to clean a little quicker with even more pressure while introducing just a little more water, we have a unit that will blow you away. Our 600 series steam pressure machine operates at 600PSI to clean the dirtiest cars with caked on grime, again with extremely little water use. This unit is propane heated but uses 100 volt electricity to operate for ease of use. It also has chemical injection to combine a great polymer wash product with the super heated steam for quick and effective cleaning. There is also no battery with this machine. It heats almost instantly and is compact enough for a shop or a mobile detailer. Any length hose is available.

It's easy to go green. We have everything you need to comply with any type of water restrictions and to safely, and effectively clean a vehicle the environmentally friendly way.


Freedom Waterless Carwash Products

Waterless Car Wash Products - Freedom Waterless Detailing

Freedom Waterless Carwash


Freedom Waterless Car Wash products will Clean, Polish & Protect your vehicle without using water. Our waterless car wash products do more than just Wash & Wax your vehicle; the super slick & velvet smooth finish actually protects it from the elements and the anti-static properties keep it cleaner longer. Dirt just doesn’t want to stick to it! Use Freedom Waterless Car Wash products virtually anywhere, anytime as long as the paint surface is not excessively soiled with dirt, mud or caked-on sand. Freedom Waterless Car Wash can be used on a wet or dry car, in the sun or in the shade.

Freedom Waterless Car Wash products are water-based, readily biodegradable and an “Eco Friendlier” option from soap & water and the mess it creates. This option saves Water, Time, Money and Effort. It gives a superior shine lasts for weeks…maybe even months. Eliminate driving to the car wash, sitting in line, wasting gas, time and money. Freedom Waterless Car Wash products are economical, convenient and very easy to use. All it takes is 2-4 ounces of waterless car wash product to clean the average size car. It goes on smooth, cleans very well and buffs off with little effort.

Freedom International, LLC is part of a Global Group of “environmentally conscious” car care product producers. Freedom International has been in business since 1999, and has sold car care products in over 100 countries. We don’t follow the crowd, we lead the crowd. We have over a decade of Research & Development creating our products. We have invested in biodegradability tests and will soon have product approval from the EPA. Freedom Waterless Car Wash products lead the way in high performance and innovative waterless products. We care about the environment and what kind of products people use.

Superior Results is why people use Freedom Waterless Products - High Performance & High Quality products are all we produce! After human safety, performance is MOST important! How your vehicle looks after it has been cleaned with Freedom Waterless Car Wash is the bottom line. Your car must look FANTASTIC, and stay that way for weeks. We let you be the judge and jury. Don’t settle for the low-quality, inferior products made with kerosene or mineral spirits. Those products clean well but are not exactly eco-friendly and can’t be used in the sun or on a wet car.

We are the factory direct product manufacturer, supplier and inventor of these products. We have unlimited production capabilities in the USA and abroad. We ship EVERYWHERE! We supply retail customers, hundreds of detailers, dozens of private label companies, domestically & internationally, and offer custom blends…with minimum quantity requirements of course. We also serve distributors, dealers, wholesalers and international importers. How can we help your company?

If you have more questions or need more proof these products work, we have a vast array of information, videos, pictures and customer testimonials on our website: Now offering, “ASK A PRO”, a Professional Detailer “On-Call” to answer practical & technical questions. Call the PRO at 631-473-1217 M-F 8-5 EST.


CroftgateUSA Waterless Car Wash

Croftgate has been in the United Kingdom producing and selling its products throughout Europe since 1998.  Because of Europe’s stringent environmental regulations (among the strongest in the world, Croftgate went through a metamorphosis becoming what it is today.

CroftgateUSA decided to bring a whole new technology to the United States. A high performance eco responsible range of waterless car wash and car detailing products alongside the already popular range of low water wash and waxes, leather cleaners, compounds and polishes and many other award winning products. All made wherever and whenever possible, with no petroleum solvents and no listed hazardous ingredients.

"Amazing! That's what everybody says!" exclaims Rick Sures, president of CroftgateUSA. "When people use our revolutionary technologies for the first time, they experience ease of use, longevity of shine, unparalleled surface protection within minutes versus hour, and are so shocked the news spreads like wild fire by word of mouth."

So Who Are We?

We are like you! We are people who take pride in our vehicles.

We are the manufacturer. We actually formulate and produce all of our products. Beginning in our labs, CroftgateUSA has a team of scientists dedicated to producing quality products with the lowest environmental impact. On to our manufacturing and bottling facilities located globally.We maintain the highest level of consistency possible in all of our car care and other products.

A couple Examples of how we maintain consistency:
  • Human quality control at every level of the production phase by a highly trained production staff
  • We use ONLY purified water to avoid fluctuation of minerals and other contaminants in the water
  • Head chemists inspect final product approving it before bottling

Global Manufacturing Plants

  • Hollywood, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Clitheroe, England
  • Schenzhen, China