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Interview with Gary Sabo of DRC1000 Buffing Pads


DynaBreeze Sanitizing and Disinfecting Systems

Learn why dealerships request exclusive DynaBreeze services to eliminate stubborn odors in customer vehicles. For more video content featuring DynaBreeze appliances, please vist Renny Doyle's site, Click the "detailing supplies" tab, then "ozone facts" on the drop down menu.


DRC1000 Centrifugal Buffing Pad

The DRC1000 Centrifugal Buffing Pad (Patent Pending). The DRC1000 solves the problem of a saturated center by simply doing away with it. As the DRC1000 rotates at the recommended RPMs, the centrifugal force created pushes compounds out onto the working area of the pad where they can be broken down and used efficiently - not saturated into the center of the pad where there is insufficient friction to break them down. Visit for more information.


Detailing demonstration on the interior and exterior of vehicles

Sumitted by Ross Timyan

Detailing demonstration on the interior and exterior of vehicles at Crystal Clean Auto Detailing's 35,000 Sq. Ft. Facility in Grand Rapids, MI.


Restorative Detail on a Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo Restoration
Submitted by Todd Cooperider