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Our Detailing and car care DVD directory offers DVDs, training manuals and videos from various companies.

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Detailing For Profit Training Program



Detailing For Profit is a professionally produced 3 video series on professional automotive detailing. With over 2.5 hours of video you will be taken step by step through the entire detailing process. Detailing For Profit is great for those new to the business or for companies looking for an effective detail training aid. Detailing For Profit also comes with a comprehensive 250 page step by step manual and a marketing/business guide. The Detail For Profit 3-Part auto detail training series will teach you:

Prep Wash / Engine Bay

  • Inspecting and preparing the vehicle
  • Preparing yourself and safety consideration
  • Degreasing and rinsing the engine compartment
  • Drying and dressing the engine compartment
  • Preparing the vehicle for the prep wash
  • Prep wash techniques using a pressure washer
  • Prep wash techniques using a garden hose
  • Using detail clay during the prep wash

Exterior Detail

  • Understanding paint technology and other exterior surfaces
  • Understanding the chemicals involved in paint rejuvenation and protection
  • The importance and use of exterior detailing equipment such as random orbital and high speed polishers
  • Diagnosing paint damage
  • Preparing the exterior for detailing
  • Rejuvenating automotive paint and correcting automotive paint damage
  • Protecting automotive paint
  • Detailing other exterior surface

Interior Detail

  • Interviewing the customer and inspecting the vehicle
  • Preparing the interior for detailing
  • Vacuuming and blowing out the interior
  • Checking and cleaning the headliner
  • Cleaning the interior plastic and vinyl panels
  • Cleaning leather and vinyl seats
  • Cleaning floor mats, carpets and upholstery
  • Deodorization, odor neutralizing
  • Cleaning the interior vinyl and plastic surfaces
  • Conditioning leather seats
  • Re-assembling and inspecting the interior

Detailing For Profit is the most comprehensive "how to detail" series available today!

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Auto Detailing Training Videos - Detail King

Detail King

888-314-0847 or 724-325-0008

Auto Detailing Training Videos

4 AMAZING Auto Detailing Marketing and Hands-On Training Videos


Detail King's Auto Detailing Training Video DVD set is the next best thing if you cannot attend our Hands-On Business Opportunity Training Seminar held in Pittsburgh, PA.  Obviously attending the seminar and working with the trainers, the staff and the equipment is a wonderful experience but not everyone has the time to do that. So Detail King® has professionally produced 4 amazing auto detailing hands-on training videos. The video series contains step-by-step procedures and methods of how to professionally detail a vehicle.

Watch us professionally detail an entire car including the engine, the interior and the exterior.  All four videos total about 5 hours of step-by-step instruction and explanation of how to professionally detail a vehicle along with what you need to know to start and grow your new detailing business.. We also include our written Auto Detailing Methods and Procedures Guide and a FREE copy of our Entrepreneur’s Guide on how to start, operate & grow an auto detailing business. This series is also a great training module for your staff and even a good review for the seasoned professional.

Detail King offers everything for automotive detailing professionals including voc compliant auto detailing chemicals, polishes & waxes, auto detailing brushes, buffers & polishers, and an extensive line of car detailing products including microfiber towels, auto detailing tools, water containment mats, carpet cleaning machines and ozone generators.

We have over 27 years in the professional auto detailing business industry. Our experience can assist you with how to start an auto detailing business and offer complete auto detailing training through our auto detailing seminars and our private auto detail training classes. Detail King has been providing auto detailing seminars since 2001 and has trained over 1000 students from all walks of life from around the globe and introduced them to this lucrative profession.

Whether its super concentrated auto detailing supply chemicals, car wash supplies, buffing pads, or mobile detailing advertising software Detail King is your one stop shopping source for professional auto detailers around the globe. We now offer Auto Detailing Training Videos available in a 4 DVD set. Watch these amazing auto detailing marketing, management and step by step  methods and procedures videos that total almost 5 hours of instructional viewing.

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Detailing Success Training Series - Attention to Details

Attention to Details

(800) 871-4781

Detailing Success Series
Why us?

Barrett Jackson Auction, Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance and some of the worlds most exotic aircraft including Air Force One are just a few of our successful projects. Most importantly, we have a system that has greatly improved the details we perform and can do the same for you.

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Buffing With Confidence DVD by Kleen Car

Buffing With Confidence


Here is what we cover in the "Buffing with Confidence" video and we are absolutely sure it will help you become a true professional

  1. Paint technology - The science behind the paint. You need to know many things about a paint system to be able to correctly buff it and produce a show car shine.
  2. Paint problems - There are many. We help you identify problems and determine what can and can't be done to correct them.
  3. Paint preparation - The use of clay. This little "tool" can be one of the most valuable items in your shop
  4. Buffing products - Their use and how to choose what you need. We will teach you the chemistry behind buffing products and help sift through some of the confusion of the seemingly endless choices.
  5. Buffing pads and backing plates - The types, the choices and what they do. We technically explain the different choices of pads and what each is used for.
  6. Buffers - The differences, the correct usage, and what they do.
  7. Prepping the vehicle "before" buffing - an often overlooked step is taping moldings and trim to avoid damage. We explain why this extra step actually "saves" time and produces a better looking vehicle.
  8. Buffing the vehicle - how to correct and create a flawless finish. Tricks for safe and efficient buffing and a show car shine. Of course we cover points, the competition probably doesn't even know about, but we show them to you!
  9. Swirl marks - a customer and detailer's biggest nightmare. We let you know why they are there and how to correctly remove them. A subject so important, we dedicated an entire section to them.
  10. The final step. Surface protection - The fast and easy way to preserve a great buffing job
  11. After the buffing is complete - how to perform a final check, wipe down, and presentation of a flawless automobile. We show proper wipe down techniques and easy ways to ensure a professional completion.

EVERY section of this video is presented in a technical and comprehensive manner. We know we have created a great buffing video. We hope we have given you enough information here to gain your confidence to purchase it. We hope by knowing a bit about our background, our great reputation in the industry, and the way we do things, that you will be sure you bought the right video that won't leave you thirsting for more. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the video prior to purchase. Our goal is to have you Buffing with Confidence in no time!

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