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PayPal Credit Card Reader

Great news for Mobile Detailers that use PayPal!

PayPal announced that they will soon be releasing a credit card reader that you attach to your smartphone.

This will allow you to accept payment from your customers right from the job site.

According to the PayPal website, the readers will be free and transactions will be a flat 2.7%

You need to request to be notified when the reader is available.

You can request to be notified at this link


6 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Strategy

Let's face it. Mobile devices have drastically shifted the online landscape to the point that in 2010 more than 50 percent of all Internet access was being done via handhelds of some sort. About 45 percent of mobile owners are using their devices to download social networking apps. In fact, 35 percent of Android and iPhone owners in the U.S. use apps such as Facebook before getting out of bed, according to a recent survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson.

Several companies have a subdomain set up specifically for mobile phones. So, for example, when users type into a smartphone, the ESPN site actually figures out that they are visiting the site from a mobile device and redirects them to a subdomain. The user experience from the phone is different than the user experience at a computer. Diane Irvine, CEO of Seattle-based jewelry site Blue Nile, realized the importance of mobile delivery when her site made a $40,000 diamond sale via a mobile device in 2009. She soon learned that she needed to make her site more mobile-friendly for iPhone users. Last year, she introduced a mobile version of the Blue Nile site. Since the launch, Irvine says, "More than 20 percent of our shoppers are using the mobile site." The reason being is that it gives people the flexibility to shop wherever they are. "This will become the future of shopping," she adds.

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"Mobile Car Wash" event can lead to detailing customers

carwash event calendar

If you are a Mobile Detailing Business owner and have been looking for new ways to build your client base, one possibility may be a "Mobile Car Wash" event.

Exactly what is a "Mobile Car Wash Event"? It's really very simple assuming you can obtain permission from the business owner or store management.

First contact the store manager of your local home improvement store. These locations are very busy on weekends during the spring and summer months. Ask if it would be possible to set your mobile detailing equipment in an area of their parking lot on an upcoming weekend. In exchange for letting you set up, you can offer to wash employee's cars at a discount or arrange to detail their car for free at a later date. Another option is to donate a percentage of your sales receipts for the weekend to the stores employee fund which is often used for store holiday parties etc. or to a charity of the stores choosing.

Agree on a specific date and with the guidance of the manager, set up in a high visible area that will not disrupt the flow of traffic into the shopping center.

Set up as early as possible, around 8:00 AM would be good. During the weekend only do "Washes" for customers as they are doing their shopping. With 2 people you can get through an exterior wash, do the windows and dress the tires in plenty of time before they complete their shopping. In the event you get back logged (and you will)...have a table with chairs for customers to wait at and have refreshments for them to enjoy while you finish. On the table include brochures of your detailing services and have plenty of business cards on hand.

You may very well find as I did that you have customers lined up all day and many will contact you later for full detailing services.

What you charge for the washes will need to be determined by your current market.

Sometimes you can even get local press coverage of the event. You can also promote the event of your facebook and twitter pages.

This is a great way to increase name recognition in your community for your mobile detailing business.

Be prepared to provide business license (where required) and proof insurance to the property manager.

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