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Bob Keppel


Article by Bob Keppel

Bob Keppel started Ace Car Reconditioning  in Portland, OR in 2004 and used Google, Yelp, Craigslist, and Angies List to grow Ace into the largest reconditioning shop in Oregon.

He now runs 3 companies servicing the reconditioning industry:

1.  Applied Colors.  Manufacturers of paint touch up systems for car detailers and PDR techs.
2.  SEO 4 Detailers .  Website design and marketing for reconditioners.
3.  The Car Detailing Blueprint. Operations and marketing guide for auto detailers.

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3 Tips for detailing 30 minutes faster.

3 tips for saving 30+ minutes per car detail.

Would you like to finish your details faster?  If you could reduce your per-car times by 30 minutes, you could detail more cars in a day.  You’d make more money.  Or, you could simply close shop and head home early.


Here’s a few tips that, together, can save you 30 minutes or more on each job:

  1. Clay and wash…together (15 min. saved).  Instead of washing, drying, and then claybaring the car, do your claybaring during your wash.  You’ll want to first rinse the car thoroughly with water.  Then, panel by panel, wash with soapy water, then use the soapy water as your lubricant as you claybar, then rinse clean.
  2. Wear an apron and cargo pants (15 min. saved).  Here’s a major time killer in shops and mobile operations:  back and forth time to the equipment rack.  With an apron, you can carry 4 microfiber towels, 3 crevice brushes, and a razor.  With cargo pants, add your carpet scrubbing brush and hang 1 or 2 spray bottles from your pockets.
  3. Air blast interiors, then sweep up the dirt (10 min. saved).  I hate to hear vacuum cleaners constantly starting and stopping at detail shops.  There’s a better way.  Open all doors, then use your air gun to “blast” the car’s interior top to bottom, and in every crevice and corner.  Now blast all that debris out the doors, and out the hatch onto the ground below.  When you’re all done with your interior detail (you will spread more dirt), vacuum up the car once and sweep up the dirt on the ground.  It’s faster, quieter, and extends the life of your vacuum cleaners.

Try these tricks and you’ll find that you’re probably burning a lot of time claybaring, shagging supplies, and needlessly vacuuming over and over.  Also, have you ever found that you can work faster when you have to?  Make note of all the little things you do to speed up your work under pressure, and make them part of your normal routine.

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