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car interior repair kits, products and training

Auto Interior repair is a growing add on service many detailing business owners are including in their service menus while others are offering interior repair exclusively. The interior repair supply companies listed to the right each offer a unique line of products. 

  • Car Leather Repair
  • Vinyl Repair Products
  • Auto Interior Restoration Systems
  • Automotive Interior Repair Business Opportunities
  • Auto Carpet Dye
  • Auto Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

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Auto Interior Repair Kit - Detail Plus

Generate Extra Reveneues With Leather-Vinyl-Velour Repair

Detail Plus

Detail Plus


Auto Vinyl Repair

Any detailer can generate thousands of dollars in extra revenue by offering both retail & dealer customers the leather-vinyl-velour repair services. And you can cash in on profit-able insurance work too!

The DETAIL PLUS Interior Repair Kit provides absolutely everything you will need to repair tears, cracks and burns in leather, vinyl or velour.

Plus, you can recolor & dye sun-faded materials back to their original appearance.

The Kit comes with a complete set of training DVD?s on every repair process, as well as instruction and color manuals.

Personalized, hands-on training available for an additional fee.

Don?t delay. Contact us today for more information on how to cash-in on this profitable service!


Interior Repair Systems, Kits & Training - Top of the Line

Top of the Line Interior Repair Systems, Kits & Training

Professional Auto Interior Repair

Top of The Line


Repair Car InteriorsAuto Vinyl and Leather Repair

Automotive Interior Repair is a unique method for repairing vinyl, leather, velour, and some plastics. Your market includes: auto dealerships, vehicle owners, commercial furniture industry, as well as home/office furniture repair. The possibilities are endless and the market, huge. It's a business that's made for mobility, requires uncomplicated applications and has little competition in most areas of the country. No other company offers anything close to our package & content selection, durability of carrying cases, and training availability. Competitors copy our designs, but cannot match the quality.

No Risk Application:
The Repair Compounds used in our process are developed by the manufacturer. They are pure vinyl in a semi-liquid form. This compound is used to fill holes or cracks in vinyl or leather, and is cured with the application of heat. The resulting repair assumes the same elastic, waterproof and wear resistant qualities as original leather, vinyl or velour. This not only creates a satisfied customer, it offers one of the few, no-risk business opportunities in the country!

Why Interior Repair?

  • Immediate Cash Flow!
  • Incredible Return on Investment!
  • Perfect for Shops or Mobile Businesses
  • Tax Advantages
  • Risk Free
  • High Demand for Commercial & Retail

Why Top of the Line Interior Repair?

  • Multiple Package Choices: Our Repair Systems & Kits range from complete packages with training, to add-on kits for established businesses.
  • Exceptional Quality Components: High performance waterbase coatings, high flex fillers, soft flexible repair compounds, high performance adhesives, professional tooling, 80 color pigments, 65 color velours. electronic color matching spectrophotometer.
  • Pre-Matched Color System: Repairs are easier and a lot faster than the old "mix and match" method.
  • Multiple Training Locations: Free state of the art training with our repair "systems" and on-site training available in most areas of the country.
  • Free Training: No additional fees.
  • High Quality Professional Cases: Not cheap, plastic cases.

Automotive Interior Repair Kit - Detail King

Detail King Automotive Interior Repair Kit

Detail King Auto Interior Repair Kit - Fix car interiors

Detail King

(888) 314-0847

Learn how to fix the interior of cars

repair car seats, carpeting

Detail King now offers automotive interior repair with our Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit Deluxe. This kit also includes a 110 page training manual and training DVD's. This is an excellent service for detailers to offer to customers because it is an easy way to generate profitable service for other automotive reconditioning businesses to add to their arsenal of offerings. If you can provide your current customers with this service then you will get the business instead of losing it to someone else.

Automotive Vinyl and Leather repair is also an excellent business opportunity for someone who just wants to strictly offer Vinyl and Leather repair. The market for vinyl and leather repair includes car dealerships, personal vehicles, furniture stores, home furniture, office furniture, etc.

With relatively low costs per job, an average charge of $100 per hour of repair work will generate anyone a nice profit. The pricing depends on various factors including the type of job being done, the severity of the repair, the customer you are servicing, the part of the world you are operating in, the time it will take to do the repair etc. We have just added a very affordable cigarette burn kit. Now you can easily and quickly repair cigarette burns in carpets and fabric upholstery. Repairs take only minutes and the average charge to customers is $25+.

Equipment Included:

  • Metal Diamond Plate Toolbox
  • Steinel Variable Temperature Heat Gun w/Special Reducing Cone
  • Fixer Tool
  • Airbrush Hose
  • Adapter for Air Brush Power Cans
  • Small Airbrush Power Can
  • Two 2 oz. Airbrush Jars & one oz. Jar
  • Ohaus Compact Scale
  • Color Coach Pro
  • Palm Pilot

Supplies Included:

  • SEM Leather Prep Aerosol
  • SEM Small SEM Soap
  • SEM Small SEM Waterborne Vinyl Prep
  • Grey and Green Cleaning Pad
  • Pointed Palette Knife
  • Trowel Palette Knife
  • Strip Palette
  • Cold Block
  • Hard Yellow Plastic
  • Tweezers
  • Trimmers
  • Twelve Pliable Thick Graining Molds
  • Three Individual Graining Mold Material & Catalyst
  • Backing Fabric
  • Chemscreen
  • Teflon
  • #400 & #600 Sandpaper
  • Leather Adhesive
  • Adhesive Accelerator
  • Aycrosol 1.5 oz.
  • Nine Colored Vinyl Compounds
  • Pro #1 (1 oz.), Pro #2 (1 oz.), Pro #3 (1.5 oz.), Pro #3 Thin (1 oz.)
  • Clear Texture Aerosol
  • Gel Adhesive
  • Small Sure-Coat Crosslinker
  • Small Sure-Coat Reducer
  • Four 1 in. Foam Brushes
  • Mixing Cups
  • Latex Gloves
  • Set of SEM sure-coat waterborne colors in 8 oz. bottles &
  • one set of the 3 clear glosses 13 bottles
  • 4 oz. sure-coat brilliant red, quindo violet, light tinting brown, dark tinting brown

12 Training DVD's:

  • Vinyl & Leather Reapir Made Easy
  • Vinyl Repair #1 Advanced
  • Vinyl Repair #2 Advanced
  • Vinyl Repair #3 Advanced
  • Leather Repair - Advanced
  • Armrest/Dashboard Repair
  • Heat Sensitive Door Panel Repair
  • Hard Plastic Repair
  • Specialty Leather Furniture Repair
  • Sem Intermix System Color Coach Pro
  • Hi Tech Color Matching

Training Manual:

  • 110 Page Training Manual includes:

Complete information about vinyl and leather repair work. This manual is so very detailed with many pictures of before, during, and after of many vinyl and leather repair and recoloring situations. All jobs are different from those shown on the already Vinyl and Leather Repair dvds. We take you thru many vinyl and leather steps, plus vinyl repair, leather repair, recoloring and the use of SEM products and the color coach pro for finding the best color formula are all addressed in detail in this training manual.

The Detail King Interior Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit Deluxe comes with everything you need to do high-quality, professional repairs on vinyl & leather interiors. The Kit also comes with step-by-step training dvd videos and 110 page instructional manual to guide you through the repair process. And free technical support from Detail King is just a phone call away!


Applied Colors Interior Repair Kit

Applied Colors


Telephone: 877.289.7312

The $495 recoloring system. 

That's "cheap."  Why?  Because it's simply a recoloring system.  No filling holes, no stitching, no mold making...that takes 100s of hours practice and $1000s in equipment.  But you're not missing out on much...80% of interior repairs are PURE recoloring of vinyl and leather.

Learn in just 2-6 hours.

Watch our repair videos.  Read the user manual.  Practice on some used seats until you've got the confidence to recolor your customers' seats, door panels, consoles, and steering wheels.

Top-quality, permanent repairs. 

Our factory-match system takes the guess work out of color matching:  just look up the color formula based on the car's year, make and model.  And our dyes:  maximum color-density and longevity.  Worn and faded leather, vinyl (think boats), and plastic is seamlessly recolored for a fraction of replacement or reupholstery.

Take your reconditioning business...further. 

This is NOT a stand alone business.  But it's the RIGHT interior repair kit for detailers and mobile techs who "touch" a lot of cars every day, it's ONE MORE CHANCE to get $75 - $175 more per car.  Happier retailer customers...more money per dealer visit...a more profitable business. 

See videos and photos. 

Plus frequently asked questions, and a complete description of the contents of the AC1000 system.  Learn more here.