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Auto Detailing Training is essential for operating a profitable detailing business. The following classes, seminars and schools offer various training programs.

Questions should be directed to the respective training center.


Detail King

Detail King Training Institute


Next Training Classes:

Auto Detailing Training Seminar Technician Program - 2 Day Class - June 23rd - June 24th
Craftsman Class: July 6th - July 8th

Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute is a private licensed school that offers two programs for auto detailing training. Detail King LP now offers a one day class just for auto reconditioning profit centers. Our most popular program is our Auto Detailing Marketing & Hands-On Training Seminar (Technician Program) which is held usually one weekend per month in Pittsburgh PA. We limit the enrollment to 25-30 individuals for this auto detailing training seminar. Day one is an intense, information- rich marketing class, day two is a "hands-on" professional detailing class. The cost of the two-day event is only $249 per student. Each student receives a Diploma at the end of the seminar. Detail King also offers a follow up class for anyone that has attended any of the training seminars to "sharpen up" on what they have learned. To see what others are saying about our seminars visit our auto detail training testimonials.

We also offer a 3 day auto detail training program for smaller groups limited to a group of six students. This auto detail training class (Craftsman Program) features the same 1 day marketing class plus two full days of intense auto detail training including training of automotive carpet dyeing, paint chip repair, plastic trim restoration, headlight restoration, ozone odor removal and automotive interior repair. The tuition cost for the 3 day Auto Detailing and Reconditioning class is only $995 per student. To learn more about our detail seminars and classes or to register for our courses please contact a Detail King staff associate or visit our website for auto detailing seminar dates and to view past seminar pictures.


Detail Plus

Detail Plus Detailing and Carwash business training




DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems conducts one of the most comprehensive detail training programs in the industry. All training sessions are conducted by well known and respected detailing consultant, RL "Bud" Abraham. The training includes both classroom and "hands-on" detailing at either the DETAIL PLUS facilities or on location at your business for an unlimited number of personnel.
Sessions include Detailing Manuals; Videos and Procedures Cards.
For more information go to
Contact Bud Abraham


Attention to Details

Professional, Private Detailing Training and Consultation by Renny Doyle of Attention to Details


(909) 366-0909 or Toll Free (800) 871-4781

Private One-on-One Detailing Coaching, Training & Mentoring. Every true profession has a coach!

It comes down to this within detailing, you want to offer the best service which takes the best skills right? Do you have the needed skills and if so, can you profit at the level that will will call successful? 

Why Detailing Success coaching, training and detailing mentor-ship? The private training I provide (Yes it's just you and groups...just us) is focused on your needs and on teaching you to be a business savvy, technically advanced detailer that returns home with a solid foundation which will allow you to start or expand your business and profiting at a level that will allow you to experience the lifestyle you desire. 

No car hoods on stands, we work on real detailing customers cars within the training and learn real skills! I will not just teach you on random equipment  but on each piece of equipment available within the industry that provides the best results. I own, test and evaluate over $10,000.00 worth of equipment and products each year and we train you with the very best.  (Follow this link to view our detail training page)

The benefit of this training is simple; you are being instructed by someone who is a detailing industry expert that has gained wide spread respect not only for the scale of detailing project I take on but that fact that those I coach and train within detailing are among the best within the detailing industry. (Click here and see our Detailers of Air Force One Site)

I train just 26 people each year, both new to detailing and those with over 20 years in the matter what your experience level within detailing, if you are driven, hard working and passionate about detailing, we should talk.  I interview each training applicant to make certain you fit the criteria for our training. I love to work with driven, passion filled professionals with a true drive for success and the vision that they will take them to the top within their local market.

You will be trained at a level that promotes performance and problem solving abilities. Detailing is never the same and each project will offer unique challenges. Other courses sell you on their products and their equipment, I teach you skills and and science within detailing that allow you to outperform the other guys within your market and thus build a true detailing business. (Click here to view our You Tube Channel and see real world results that our students are having within training)

What about motorcycle detail training, RV detail training or aircraft detail training? If you desire training within these areas simply drop us an email and let's chat about getting you trained within these niche markets.

Call me today and let's talk detailing. (909) 366-0909 or toll free (800) 871-4781 or email me direct at



Rightlook Detailing Training Seminars and Hands on Training Course

800-883-3446 introduces a new 2-day detailing seminar for professionals in the Auto Detailing industry. In this jam-packed, hands-on, interactive weekend you will learn tips and tricks of the pros, marketing and business-building skills, and the secrets to owning and operating a successful auto detailing business. See live demos, try out all the latest equipment, learn sales and marketing techniques, and get your questions answered! You'll even see 2 professional detailers do an entire interior and exterior detail from start to finish! This seminar is perfect for the seasoned veteran as well as the new detailer or those interested in getting started in this rewarding industry.'s hands-on courses are taught by leading industry experts with outstanding experience and teaching skills in a state of the art detailing facility. A customized approach also ensures that you receive the training you need. training courses equip you to take your business to the next level! Whether your goal is to master the "how to" of these high-margin services or learn the secrets of successful pricing, packaging and promotion, offers the instruction you need. training is truly an investment in the future of your business!
Don't miss this fast-paced seminar hosted by, the leader in the auto reconditioning industry!


Kleen Car

Kleen Car Detail Training and Certification



We know that there are many choices for detail training. You have seen them on this page. With so many choices, it may be difficult to figure out who to choose or even who to call. We know you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. We also realize that the reason why you have even searched detail training, detailing seminars or a detail business opportunity may be because of the current economic situation and the need to do something different because of a job loss. This field may very well be totally foreign to you right now and you are just exploring the possibility of starting a detailing business. We want you to know that we can help you explore the possibility of a detailing career and welcome you to call and talk to us about it, and ask all the questions that you need to. There are no stupid questions when you are looking for information to see if this business opportunity is for you. We also want you to realize that we are NOT about high pressure and trying to sell you something. So we would welcome your call, right now, and we will be happy to discuss your fears, concerns, and anything else that may help you make a decision about starting a detailing business. So let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin Farrell and I am the owner of Kleen Car. Please feel free to call me anytime, toll free, at 888-302-6400 and I promise you will not get a sales pitch AT ALL

We are not going to give you fancy numbers claiming how much money you can make in the detailing business. We are not going to tell you that you will be rich by next Thursday either. We also know that you don't need to be told about the pride and satisfaction of owning your own business. There is no need to turn this into an infomercial. If we wanted to do an infomercial, we would hire Billy Mays and you would see us on TV. Detailing is hard work but very rewarding, and if a detailing business is run correctly and you know what you are doing, yes you can make a lot of money.

To detail cars you need passion, a great eye, a pursuit of perfection, a good business sense, and of course you must know what you are doing. We don't want you to fail. We have seen people enter into this business because a company sold them a bunch of products and equipment, gave them poor training or none at all. They thought that just because they had the needed products and equipment they would be a great detailer and make lots of money. It just does not work that way. We won't waste time trying to turn you into a business person. You may already be one. You may be a marketing genius, or a Wall Street Executive, and you may have run many successful businesses already. We do know however, that if you don't have the proper skills and training to actually detail a car, then you will fail no matter what your business skills are like. That brings me to what we do the best... We train people to become expert and skilled matter what your current background is!!

Once you know that you have the passion to do this, either full time or part time, then we will take care of the rest. Now we hope you will read what we can do for you and why we think that we are the right choice for detailing training and helping you start your detail business.

The Kleen Car detail training program is truly the most technically oriented and comprehensive program in the industry. This is the exact same class that we developed for BMW of North America. We teach you the science behind every detailing operation. Our standing in the industry allows us to confer and partner with the leaders of various car manufacturers, paint companies, chemists, and product manufacturers to ensure we are always up to date and you receive the best training possible. We have authored dozens of articles over the years for leading automotive publications, and have spoken and presented at industry events. For a small sampling of our published articles, click here.

We are viewed as a true leader in the detail industry. We conduct ourselves a bit differently than some of the other programs. For one, we don't concentrate on marketing and sales. While it is important to market your business, you need to acquire the knowledge and skills, or the best marketing plan in the world will not work if you can't perform. We also do not rush students into an all "hands on" environment. Our class is a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. You need the technical explanations on important subjects before jumping right in. To see the complete overview of our detailing class, click here.

We show you, and explain, the correct way to do everything, and coach you through the entire process. The proper technical explanations and proper coaching are critical for success. All the hands-on won't be worth much if the procedures are being performed incorrectly, or the student does not have the correct technical knowledge about the subject. This is a reason for many detailers having years of "experience" but never becoming an expert and a true all- star performer.

We also want to mention something that is often talked about by other detail training companies. Becoming a "certified detailer". Well, we will let you in on a little secret. There is no such thing in this industry! It's really cool to talk about it, but in reality we can't say you are a "certified detailer" when you complete our training. There is no governing body in the detail industry that regulates this. While most programs are good and you will learn something from anybody listed here, it's a little white lie to say you will be certified. While we think we have the best program out there, and BMW of North America would not have chosen us over 10 years ago to develop their detail training program if we weren't the best in their opinion, we just can't certify you. Nobody can. We will give you a certificate of completion that you can use however you like. But we just wanted to clear up that point for you before we go on.

Now you may also wonder what kind of products and equipment you will need to get started, and more importantly, what it will cost. We have had the privilege over the years to partner with some great companies and help develop some great products. We have helped develop buffing pads, we have helped develop some of the Optimum line of products, such as Optimum No Rinse, and Optimum Polish II which are revolutionizing the industry. We also sell and have helped develop a brand new steam machine which is a huge aid in detailing called the Vapor Chief. We can train you to become a true professional in the detailing business and give you the knowledge of what you will need to purchase to get going and what to look for in both products and equipment. If you decide to buy from us, we certainly will appreciate that, but in no way will we force you to purchase anything from us. But if you do, we can help you decide what you will need, and more importantly, WON'T need. We also have a fantastic lease to own program that helps finance your initial purchases to spread the payments out as you start your detailing business. See our great leasing program for more information.

We realize the decision to choose a training program is a difficult one, and you never know what, or who to believe. We hope you will choose a training facility not solely based on price or location, but what you will get out of the program. Remember, if you are serious about becoming a true detailing professional, your training will go a long way toward that goal. Our industry needs more true professionals so we wish you luck in your future business endeavors.


Starting a modern auto detail business

Online Auto Detailing Training Class - Learn auto detailing at home


Train online and open your mobile detail business in 14 days.   

Our $39 start up guide includes 21 videos that teach you our exclusive 62 step detailing process.  This streamlined process allows you to work 25% faster and make 25% more than your competition.  Video topics: 

  • Engine Detailing
  • What to Wear
  • Wash, Jambs, Wheels,and Wheel Wells
  • Claybar Treatment
  • Floormat Shampooing
  • Air Purging
  • Headliners and Trunks
  • Plastic Interior Panels
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Interior Door Panels
  • Leather Seat Cleaning
  • Steering Wheel, Vents and Gauges
  • Road Tar Removal
  • Dressing Rubber and Plastic
  • Polishing and Waxing in One Step
  • Wax Removal and Surface Inspection
  • Chrome Trim Cleaning and Polishing
  • Window Cleaning:  The Two Towel Method

The success of your detail business, however, will not be determined by the quality of your work.  Your ability to attract customers as a new business is the single most important factor to the survival and prosperity of your business!  Thus, more than half our training material is dedicated to sales and marketing.  Certainly, we cover offline marketing in our book: 

  • How to get top paying accounts with car dealers.
  • How to get referrals from mechanics, body shops, tint shops, accessory shops, and car clubs.

But more importantly, we train you to attract customers online—the most important source for new customers in 2010 and beyond.  We give you: 

  • A pre-built website made specifically for detailers.  Have a look here.  Just edit the name and phone number for your business.
  • A pre-built craigslist ad made specifically for detailers.  Have a look here.  Just edit the name and phone number for your business.

With this web site and craigslist ad, we provide detailed instructions on how you will: 

  • Get listed on the first page of Google.
  • Acquire 10+ positive online reviews of your detail business on Google.
  • Post a professional looking advertisement to the top of craigslist each morning.
  • Obtain the emails of your customers and keep in contact with them monthly to encourage repeat service.

Our online auto detailing training, for just $39, is a cost effective way to launch your detailing business with a proven detailing process and modern marketing plan.


Smart Detailing University Training

Smart Detailing University is an entrepreneurial-minded vocational school for Professional Auto Detailing & Reconditioning. As a Certified School, the courses offered provide attendees with the certification and licensing necessary to start their own lucrative auto detailing businesses.

Smart Detailing University’s hands-on training course for professional auto detailing provides the instruction you need to build a successful detailing business.

Smart Detailing University is about putting years of detailing & reconditioning training success to work for our students.”

The Smart Detailing University hands-on training curriculum includes detailed instruction from some of the most world renowned detailing professionals.  From the first day you sit in our lecture classrooms and are handed your detailer training guide, to the days that follow getting hands-on guidance in the Professional Detailing Arena. Every step brings you closer to achieving financial success and gratification as a professional detailer.

Smart Detailing University teaches you important business development techniques and business growth strategies in sales and marketing, giving students immediately applicable tools that can be applied in real world situations.

Smart Detailing University courses are limited to 6 students to give each student one-on-one individualized attention and guidance from one of our experienced detailing mentors.   The Keys to success belong to the students!

Smart Detailing University is recognized as one the most dynamic training organizations in the industry today. Our training program will give you the tools, knowledge and experience you need to succeed! Call us today at (800) 295-8070