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Automotive International Detailing Products and Supplies

automotive international detailing products

Automotive International's ValuGard products-Tested-Approved and used by eight of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Our products contain NO carcenigenics,toxins or other harmful components. Proven products with the finest technical support team in the industry. Use the products the car companies recommend-ValuGard Products.
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Detail King Detailing Products and Supplies

detail king mobile detailing supplies and equipment

Detail King offers everything for auto reconditioning professionals including voc compliant auto detailing chemicals, polishes & waxes, auto detailing brushes, buffers & polishers, and an extensive line of car detailing products including microfiber towels, auto detailing tools, water containment mats, carpet extractors for auto detailing and ozone generators.

We have over 27 years in the professional auto detailing business industry. Our experience can assist you with how to start an auto detailing business and offer complete auto detailing training through our auto detailing seminars and our private auto detail training classes. Detail King has been providing auto detailing seminars since 2001 and has trained over 1000 students from all walks of life from around the globe and introduced them to this lucrative profession.

Whether its super concentrated auto detailing supply chemicals, car wash supplies, buffing pads, or mobile detailing advertising software Detail King is your one stop shopping source for professional auto detailers around the globe.

Please visit both of our websites or you can also contact us toll free: 1888-314-0847 or 724-325-0008. fax: 724-325-4506.
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Detail Plus Car Wash Chemicals and Detailing Supplies

car wash equipment and supplies

DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in all phases of the detailing business, offering the professional detailer and car appearance specialist everything they need to develop and operate a successful detailing business

  • Auto Detailing Systems
  • DISCOUNT Detailing Supplies
  • DISCOUNT Detailing Chemicals
  • Technical "Hands-on" Training
  • Videos, Manuals, Operational Forms
  • Marketing, Advertising & Promotional Assistance
  • Carpet Dye Systems
  • Windshield Repair Systems
  • Paint Touchup Systems
  • And Much More

or call TOLL-FREE 1-800/284-0123


Rightlook Detailing Products and Supplies

Car Detailing Products, Supplies, Equipment and Training is a leading distributor of auto reconditioning equipment, supplies, videos and training. offers:

  • Auto detailing equipment and chemicals
  • Paintless dent repair tools and training
  • Paint touch-up equipment and training
  • Interior repair systems
  • Windshield repair kit
  • and much more

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Top of the Line Detailing Products and Supplies

Top of the line detailing superstore

Top of the Line has one of the largest detailing supply sites on the internet! Instant access to all products. Easy, secure, online ordering.

  1. Detailing Equipment: (pressure washers, extractors, steamers, polishers, foggers, vacuums, interior dryers)
  2. Mobile Units and Equipment: (tents, water/chemical reclamation, water tanks, lighting)
  3. Detailing Packages
  4. Add-On Services: (Interior Repair, Glass Repair, Carpet Dyeing, Leather Repair, Odor Removal)
  5. Detail Chemicals: (professional, high-end)
  6. Detail Accessories: (brushes, towels, bottles, polisher pads, disposable mats/seat covers, and much, much more)



Kleen Car Detailing Products and Supplies

Optimum Detailing Products

Attention Detailers and Car enthusiasts
We know that there are so many detailing product suppliers out there, as well as on this page of ads. There are also many companies selling detailing equipment. Who do you choose to purchase from and why? Is it from a company who sells the cheapest stuff? Is it from a company who sells every brand imaginable? Everybody will say that they are the best. We know that we are one of the best, but we invite you to call us and find out. Please call me, Kevin Farrell personally, with absolutely NO obligation, at 888-302-6400. I will be happy to discuss your needs and what you may need, and more importantly, what you may NOT need.

You will see on our website that we do not sell everything and we don't sell multiple brands. We also do not sell what we have not exhaustively tested and use every single day. You see, as well as being a product and equipment supplier, we also detail cars and we also have one of the leading detail training classes in the industry. We developed our detail training class over 10 years ago for BMW of North America and we still train their network of dealers and implement our products and equipment with them as well. So we have to answer to a very high standard.

We carry, and we helped develop one of the leading polishes in the industry, in Optimum polish. We also have tested and help develop other Optimum products. We also work directly with, and helped develop a line of buffing pads to ensure that every vehicle you buff looks showroom new. Of course, we also carry a great line of professional buffers to buff the paint surface to perfection. To tie all this in and help you understand buffing even more, we have made the most technical and comprehensive buffing video out there, entitled buffing with confidence.

In addition we have pioneered the use of steam machines in auto detailing for many years, and we sell, and have helped develop a steam machine that we believe is second to none. With so many detailers being forced to wash cars in a more environmentally manner, we have led the way in green detailing with the use of a revolutionary car wash product called Optimum No Rinse. This product along with a steam machine can clean a car to perfection with virtually no water.

We hope you can see how advanced and on the cutting edge we are in detailing supplies and equipment. Although we don't sell anything and everything, we certainly have what you need and the best products and equipment to get the job done to perfection! Also, we hope that our standing in the detail industry makes you more confident in us, and you will see our customer support and knowledge of what we sell is second to none! Feel free to view our entire website and check out the many detailing articles we have written to help detailers and car enthusiasts, and feel free to call us to discuss your needs at 888-302-6400.


Car Brite Detailing Products and Supplies

Car Brite Professional Auto Reconditioning

Car Brite is the most innovative and respected manufacturer in the professional automotive reconditioning industry. Satisfied customers in auto dealerships, auto auctions, body shops, car washes, detail shops, and marinas worldwide can attest to the high quality and excellent service of Car Brite.

Car Brite offers:

Our competitive edge is our broad selection of products, service level, well trained experts capable of training you on how to best use the products, and our powerful promotions to help grow your service count.

If you would like to learn a little more about Car Brite visit our website at, browse our products, view customer testimonials and participate in our community.

Connect with us, request more information on becoming a service provider or if you would like to give us a call do so toll free at (800) 347-2439.


Towel Pros Microfiber Detailing Products

TowelPros is a primary source for many professional detailers. Noted as having exceptional customer service, TowelPros imports its own line of microfiber each year and sells them for what many call, true wholesale prices. TowelPros started in ’06 at the Mobile Tech Expo thanks to fellow detailers’ support and a need for a site to sell quality microfiber towels without a 1000% mark up! Rob Regan, a trained detailer, contacted Asia, researched the business, and off it went...

TowelPros currently offers: 

Ultra orange: A heavy 16 x 24” polishing towel with and without satin edges. These are your high end towels used for final wipe downs, or removing polish. Bought in quantity, you pay about $2.50 per towel! Another site sells this towel for 9.99 each! Our best selling towel. 

Pearl Weave Glass: The blue pearl weave glass towel is a special weave that works very, very well on glass. ZERO lint! These 16” square towels have a nice, darker blue edge and when used as directed, provide you with the only glass towel you need. From $1.00 when bought in quantity.

Colors? Red, yellow, or green? From 95 cents each, these soft all purpose microfiber towels help you coordinate between wheel, interior, door jams, and other areas so you do not mix all  your towels into one area of cleaning.

Microfiber Washing Mitts: These “finger like” mitts work very, very well with ONR or other washing mediums. The come in orange and blue. Priced from $2.05 each!

Waffle Weave Glass Towels: These towels are 12” square and come with marketing/packaging. Sell them to customers, they are bar coded, or give them away after a detail. They are great on glass and fit in any sized hands with ease.

Green Microfiber Dusting Mitts: Put your hand inside and let the microfiber glide! This mitt is great for interior dusting. Many users take them home and use them on computer screens, TV’s, and countertops. Some detailers use them during a final inspection so that their fingers do not leave prints on the customer’s car. This mitt has many uses! Like the waffle weave glass towel, it is also attractively packaged.

Cyclo Polishing Bonnets: These are blue suede bonnets that fit over the 4” foam pads. Used on final metal polishing, these ultra soft and thin bonnets, produce a scratch free and brillant shine with your metal polishes. Priced from about $3.50 per pair! Compare this to other sites that sell them for $8.75 a pair.

In addition to towels, TowelPros also carries: 

Pet Hair Removal Stones (special on a 4-pack)

Optimum’s Opti-Seal- FREE with $50 order!

Glass Cleaning Kits: Featuring Invisible Glass Cleaner

DIY microfiber towel kit. Enough for anyone to detail 2-3 cars.

For online ordering, just visit the site or call Rob at  




or send an email to


KLC Brands

KLC Brands

If you're looking for industrial strength car cleaning products, then KLC Brands should be your only choice. KLC Brands is the only choice for some of the largest rental car agencies in the world. They also sell wholesale car detailing supplies to car dealerships and small detailing shops around the world. If you are a detailing professional, contact KLC Brands and request a wholesaler login to purchase in bulk at a discount.

car air freshners car odor removal

These wholesale car cleaning products aren’t just available to rental car agencies and detailing pros. You can now buy products directly from KLC online at KLC specializes in odor removal. With a background of over 30 years in custom fragrance development, KLC has applied years of industry experience to develop some of the most powerful car air fresheners on the market. Other car cleaning products include a concentrated car odor eliminator to permanently remove smoke and marijuana smells, pet odors or musty mildew smells. If you need a auto vent cleaner to clean deep where your hands can’t reach, then the Vent Freshener and Deodorizer will do the job.

Even though bug season occurs during certain times of the year, KLC’s Bug Buster Jelly is the only product that soaks dead bug bodies well enough to remove them with a tissue. Most other bug removers are made of liquid that runs off the car before it has time to soak. KLC produces this car bug remover made of a gel that doesn’t roll off of your car. Instead, it sticks to your car, soaking bugs and saving you money.

If that is not enough, you can now buy this car cleaning gift pack that contains KLC’s Daily Refresher, Vent Freshener, and Bug Buster Jelly all in one.