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Barber Auto Detailing in Atlanta, GA: My Story

Ever since the fifth grade, I've spent countless hours researching and honing my skills as an auto detailer. During spring break of my tenth grade year in high school, I was finally able to convince my parents that getting hands on training from a true professional was a good idea. During my spring break from school, I spent a week in Boise, Idaho with Renny Doyle. By the time the summer following my tenth grade year rolled around, I was ready to turn my hobby into a business. After obtaining my business license, I started Barber Auto Detailing as a simple wash and vacuum service. Given my young age and lack of regular income during the school year, I knew it would be difficult to come up with a way to generate capital.

There are so many "detailers" that hurt our industry by claiming to offer a "full detail" for $50 dollars when in reality they are performing a glorified wash and vacuum. To avoid contributing to this problem, I told my customers that I was providing a wash and vacuum and not a full detail. Now Barber Auto Detailing is one of the best mobile auto detailing businesses in Atlanta. I started small, providing friends and neighbors with very basic services so that I knew I could provide my clients with exactly what I promised. When I accumulated enough capital, I purchased all the necessary equipment to perform a full detail correctly. When I returned to Boise later that summer for "Continued Education Training," I met numerous other detailers who were more than happy to answer my questions and serve as mentors. Through careful planning, I've managed to start and grow my own mobile detailing business. I recognized that there was a high demand for professional auto detailing in Atlanta, and I wasn't willing to wait until I graduated from college or graduate school to start my own business. I've always had a passion for cars, and detailing was the best way I could turn that passion into a business. Over the next few entries, I will discuss my goals as a small business owner and various other aspects of running an auto detailing business that I think would be helpful to detailers who read these columns. I feel that my experiences as a young professional detailer provides me with a unique perspective that will be helpful to other detailers seeking advice.


If you would like to contact me for any reason, please feel free to send me an email at If you live in Atlanta and are interested in having your car maintained by Barber Auto Detailing, or if you would like to learn more about my business, please visit my website,