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Your Customers Are Tuned In To WIIFM

WIIFM is not a radio station, but it's where your prospective customers are tuned in. Are you broadcasting on their channel? 

"What's In It For Me?" (WIIFM) This is one of the most important principles in marketing communications. 

And it's the big question your customers are asking. They don't care about your greatness. They only care about whether your product or service will provide what they want.


Too many small businesses fail in the communications game because they fail to understand this principle.

We look through our own lens. Our natural communication habit it to talk about ourselves, our products and our services. We focus on putting ourselves in our best light. Without question, this is important. We have to demonstrate what makes our product important and and why we're better than our competitors. 

It's not about us, it's about our customers. A great marketing endeavor starts by asking the question, "What do people want?" Products and services are then developed to meet those needs. You could make the coolest, highest quality gizmo in the world. But if it doesn't connect with a need that people know they have, you're doomed. 

Turn the lens around. Start looking through the lens of your customers; how they think and what they want. Through surveys and customer interviews you will get their valuable perspective. Don't be surprised when you learn about benefits that you hadn't thought of. Build your marketing communications with language that emphasizes outcomes and benefits that are valuable to them. What pleasure will they gain? What discomfort will they avoid? What problem will be solved? What goal will they reach? Think in terms of their pains, needs and aspirations. Start looking through your customer's lens.

Get to the point quickly. When you're about the business of attracting customers you have just a few seconds (at best) to make a connection with them. The first question your customers want to have answered is, "How does this relate to me, and why should I pay any attention?" If you can attract their attention with relevance you can then provide detailed proof and move them toward a buying decision.


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